Lean Competition


“Learn to be lean,

find people lean,

become a team lean.”


Choose Lean Competition.


“Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I’ll remember, let me try and I’ll learn forever.”

Team Building

“Transform a group of people into an united and winning team.”



“Lean Competition allows you to choose the person you are looking for.”


What is Lean Competition?

The Lean Competition was created by JEst – Junior Enterprise in collaboration with Sintesia, a consulting company operating in the Lean Organization field.

The Competition consists of a realistic simulation of a production process where members of each team are in fact the process owners. Each participant will have a phase in this process and will have to decide together with his team how to take action to improve their performance.

The originality of the game we propose stays in the inseparable union of a decision-making phase at the beginning of every turn of play and the subsequent practical implementation of the decisions taken. This allows you to have real feedback of the improvements that the Lean Transformation techniques involve.

Each team represents a company incorporated in a virtual market, subject to external variables such as demand and production flexibility.

Lean Competition is an opportunity to test the participants’ problem solving and teamwork skills in a highly realistic, competitive and topicality context.

Lean Thinking

Open your mind to innovation in operations.


Give life to a continuous and proactive improvement.

Problem Solving

Test your team’s ability to deal with critical situations in a competitive and stressful environment.

Lean Competition Partners

Sintesia is an organizational consulting company that accompanies its customers to guide and support them during the Lean transformation of their production processes.

JEst, Junior Enterprise of Management Engineering in Vicenza, is a nonprofit association founded in 1993 at the Vicenza Department of the University of Padua and is composed and managed exclusively by university students.